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The Children’s Portrait Specialist


All our portraits are created to look beautiful and natural

showing your

Personality and Spirit


Whether you want outdoor portraits, studio photos, beach photography or photos in your own home, Wendy will design something beautiful and meaningful for you. If you want your pets in the portrait with you or on their own that's fine too.

Newborns, babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, young adults, families, groups, multi generation portraits, grandparents, seniors, couples - Wendy photographs them all with passion and flair.

Contact Wendy now to arrange an appointment to discuss what you would like her to photograph. Don't worry if you are not sure what you want - there are many examples to prompt ideas.

Is it time to upgrade your own website with photographs that show the real you and your business at its best? Wendy can do that too. 


Profile: Wendy Clark

I discovered the joy of photography at an early age after struggling with trying to draw or paint what I saw, and not being able to do it to my satisfaction. Photography - painting with light - enabled me to record those images I saw with fidelity and in time artistic flair. With my first pay packet I bought a good camera and a macro lens for photographing little creatures and flowers.

Later I found I had a skill working with people so decided to become a Portrait and Wedding Photographer. I joined the AIPP - Australian Institute for Professional Photographers as soon as I qualified which not only assures you of the high standard and ethics of a photographer but provides ongoing training to keep us up to date and fresh.

That was more than 20yrs ago. I now specializes in Children’s Portraits in particular, but also enjoy photographing families, pets and other age groups as well. I still retain my passion for Nature Photography and pursue that as one of my hobbies. Another hobby of mine is growing orchids - both native and exotic and naturally they all have to be photographed when in flower.

My involvement in the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria created many opportunities to photograph a myriad of creatures and animals in the wild, as well as flowers, fungi, rock formations and landscapes, creating beautiful images that decorate my wall and have been used to make calendars and give lectures.

Fitness and flexibility plays an important role as time roles on, which prompted me to train at Black Taekwondo. This I did with dedication and passion - gaining my Black Belt in 2008. I took many wonderful images of people training and sparring which were used in posters and made available to the participants.

A Wonderful Life

When a hobby becomes a passion and the passion becomes your work it makes your working life really enjoyable. Add to that, contact with many wonderful and interesting people and you have a wonderful life. I can safely say, mine is a wonderful life.